FEED that soul shine

(with love & inspiration)

building four winds with my beauty-FULL energy worker, Kevin up in the creek. sending dreams to the world through graffiti. treating myself to blooming tea (and believe me, roses really don’t smell like poo, pooo, poo – though i do love you Outkast!). reading words of inspiration from my beautiful yogi community each day on the chalkboard of LOVE. surrounding myself with friends capable of painting that beautiful all-seeing tree pictured above. exploring the mountains that honor me with their powerful presence each and every day.

the universe constantly sends out love and blessings, but you also must seek them out. don’t expect everything to simply fall in your lap – in order to find the light, you must begin to seek the light. if you listen closely, the universe alwaysresponds to those calls for love. it’s just a matter of hearing which directions it points you in, walking, gliding, or flowing down that path, and trusting in its ability to carry you through.

it’s all inside of you already, you’ve just forgotten. unlearn the linear manifestation, relearn your divine nature. you are the universe; listen to yourSelf, bless yourSelf, love yourSelf. BIG love.

death to ego

let me soar

upon the wings of the wind,

to feel what it is to be without a body.

let me dive

below the surface of the sea,

to live inside alluring colors with creatures of the deep.

let me dissolve

into liquid light,

to fill the space between the sound.

have you ever had a spiritual experience in which you occupied a place void of space an time? void of physical manifestation? void of anything that is familiar and “true” or “real” in this perceived reality? that was a disembodiment of the Self, the soul, it was a death of your ego and therefore an awakening to the light inside of you which we refer to vaguely as love. yet, love is only a symbol, a representation of something we can’t quite put into words. love is an experience of Oneness with the universe and everything within. love is when each leaf on the tree is an extension of your fingernails, when each beast is an essential part of your family, when all the stars in the sky are simply an outward projection of what exists inside of you. love is the realization and internalization of the fact that what exists inside of you also exists inside of me.

“It’s not a question of being in Love with someone. It’s a question of being Love.”

– Osho

toilets telling stories



hey all! today i’m sharing with you an article written by one of the most powerful, inspiring, wise women i know, Alli Sarazen (featured previously here). she just spent four months traveling through Nepal and India while studying abroad, and wrote this powerful piece about toilets and their metaphorical representation of the world’s current state. please, READ it. not only would she love to see more people reading it, but it is truly an inspiring piece and will probably teach you something – maybe just that you want to clean your toilet, but hey, you’re still impacting YOUR world when you do that. share it with the people you love, share it with the people you hate, share it with all those in between for this article can EFFECT POSITIVE CHANGE, and after all, that’s what we’re here for, isn’t it? let me know what you think of it in the comments! she’d love to hear some feedback as she continues to write for them. BIG love.

f(EYE)nd INSPIRation EVERYwhere. ❤

‘ROAR’ burlesque tap dance – Katy Perry (PRISM)

hello all. today, i’m simply writing in order to share something extremely inspiring with you all. this brave woman ‘speaks’ out against stereotypes and dangerous expectations of physicality. you are PERFECT just the way you are, and you’re doing a fantastic job at it. please, watch it, love it, live it. love yourSELF. big love.

…but don’t forget your soul

My last post was about how you can help yourself by eating for your skin. I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t practice self discipline 100% of the time, so eating for my skin isn’t something I obsess about all day, every day, but I do try and do my best. Having said that, I am ADDICTED to mac & cheese, love pizza, and don’t mind a fat, juicy pulled pork sandwich with a side of fries every once in a while. In case you didn’t see the pattern, I love salt. So yes, I encourage you all to eat for your skin and overall general physical health, but don’t forget about your soul! I believe it’s usually okay to eat anything, as long as you do so in moderation, so try not to become so crazy about your food that you never indulge! Indulgence is important. Too much is glutinous, but just a little is what will help keep you sane.

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“Reality is a s…

“Reality is a social product arising from interaction, and commuinication extends or limits realities.” Stewart et al.

I love words. I study words, I think in words (some people think in colors, shapes, sounds, tones, etc.), and I always work very hard to find the right word. It’s interesting though, because although we humans think we have defined everything within our symbolic set of languages, I often find myself void of the right words. Hence, language limits my realities in countless ways. Some things simply cannot be expressed with words, and in these instances, I hate them. But without them, there would be extremely limited interaction. I would not be able to tell my friends about the sweet things my boyfriend does , I wouldn’t be able to make my friends feel better when they’re “in a pickle,” I would not be able to say out loud when I love someone. So, yes, I love words, but sometimes their limiting power cannot help but be felt, and in such times, my brain feels like it’s going to explode. Please, if you know other good ways of communicating to each other, comment! Communication is the center of human existence, and the more I can learn about it, the better off I’ll be. 🙂

US Food

So, what’s the deal with this: http://shine.yahoo.com/healthy-living/banned-ingredients-still-legal-u-132100120.html? Apparently, this list of eight ingredients have been banned in food production around the world for various reasons, including them being carcinogenic (cancer-causing), increased risk of hypothyroidism, or even nervous system disorders.

fda-chickens-contain-arsenicDo you really want these things in your food? Most of the time, they are kept in the food for vain reasons, such as speeding up the bleaching of flour, making chickens appear pinker (therefore, fresher), or increasing production in order to earn more. Yes, we all know the United States is a capitalistic country with often questionable and/of materialistic motives, but are we really so shallow as to risk the lives of millions of our citizens in order to make a few extra bucks or have our cakes be bright pink? Apparently some people are.


Use your agency to act out against this, eat local, don’t buy pre-packaged and processed foods, and try and keep everything going into your mouth natural. Not only will this help your health, but if everyone begins localizing their lives, our Earth environment might even take a turn for the better.

Wonder Classic