US Food

So, what’s the deal with this: Apparently, this list of eight ingredients have been banned in food production around the world for various reasons, including them being carcinogenic (cancer-causing), increased risk of hypothyroidism, or even nervous system disorders.

fda-chickens-contain-arsenicDo you really want these things in your food? Most of the time, they are kept in the food for vain reasons, such as speeding up the bleaching of flour, making chickens appear pinker (therefore, fresher), or increasing production in order to earn more. Yes, we all know the United States is a capitalistic country with often questionable and/of materialistic motives, but are we really so shallow as to risk the lives of millions of our citizens in order to make a few extra bucks or have our cakes be bright pink? Apparently some people are.


Use your agency to act out against this, eat local, don’t buy pre-packaged and processed foods, and try and keep everything going into your mouth natural. Not only will this help your health, but if everyone begins localizing their lives, our Earth environment might even take a turn for the better.

Wonder Classic


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