Castle Hill

Every Thursday night in Ipswich, MA, there is a free concert at Castle Hill on the Cranes Estate. It’s just cover bands, but so many people I know go there every week (along with myself) to get funky. This week was Jimmy Buffet and The Beach Boys, but I forgot to wear my Hawaiian shirt! It’s a beautiful place though, with a beach at other end of the castle, which is where all of these shots are from. Beauty!


all good things


God’s doing a line of the sun

hoops & friends






Practice, Practice, Practice

I’ve been practicing so much hooping! My favorite music to do it to is Beats Antique. Please, if you guys have suggestions of more music to flow to, let me know! So far, I’ve got down a few tricks on my right side, and tonight, I’ve been working on learning those with my left. It’s so hard, but so, so much fun! I’m literally addicted. I have ordered two hoops from that glow in the dark and collapse for travel, and have made three of them myself! I’ll make sure to take photographs of the next one I make and post a DIY so anyone who wants to can make their own. They’re very simple to make, and each one costs about $5 or less. Not only is it a blast, but a great workout, too! I hope I inspire at least one of you reading this to pick up a hoop and give it a shot. If you do, don’t get discouraged when you can’t get the tricks right away! They’re difficult to pick up and you really need to work at it. Let me tell you though, it’s so worth it when you do! Happy hooping!

Hula Hooping

Everyone should try hula hooping.  It doesn’t matter if you can do it or not, it will still put a smile in your face. In fact, if you bring a hoop with you somewhere, not only will you find joy out of it, but so will everyone else present. I’m just beginning to learn, but I will certainly keep you all posted on how it’s going. Right now, I’ve got about three or so moves down. If you want to watch someone who’s really good at it though, check out this video I made of one of my closest friends, Alli.