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Burlington, VT is one of my favorite places in the world. It is full of inspiring people, beautiful nature, and is overall a blessed space. Some of my best friends in the world live there, and I visit every chance I get in order to hang out with lifelong brothers and sisters. This is the video I made of my most recent visit. It makes me miss the water! Definitely going to have to journey up into the mountains and hop into Gross Reservoir as soon as it’s a reasonable temperature! Big love.


No, although it would be amazing if I made a time machine and used it to experience the three days of peace and music I’m sure you’re thinking of, I did not go to Woodstock (the concert) last week, but to Woodstock, Vermont. One of my oldest friends has a house up there and is living there with his sister for the rest of the summer. Just as I was leaving for New Hampshire that Wednesday morning, my friend called me and asked if I wanted to go visit Dylan in VT for the night, and seeing as I was already heading in that direction, I couldn’t pass up that offer! Their house is unreal, on the top of a hill surrounded by farms. Looking further out on the horizon, all you see is beautiful Vermont mountains. I love Vermont!


hello Alli!


Sorry for my Absence

Sorry I was gone all week! I went on a spontaneous trip since Sunday afternoon. In high school, I travelled abroad for two summers, the first to Spain then the second to Italy. Spain was three years ago, and I hadn’t seen my friend from the trip, Jacob, for three years. He was in New Hampshire on Lake Winnipesaukee for the night with 50 or so of his friends renting cottages for a party so I started by driving two hours to join them and see him. It was so great! Not only was seeing him fantastic, but his friends were all so nice and it was such a beautiful spot. That was a blast, then my friend Derek and I hopped back in the car and drove on up to Burlington. As you already have read from me many times, I love Burlington; hopefully I’ll live there for a summer or something along those lines at some point. We went to Red Rocks for my first time cliff jumping. It was a blast! I wish there were places around here where I could go do it all the time. I don’t have too many pictures from this trip, but I’ll post them soon! Night!

Explore Burlington: Take 2

Sorry I’ve been MIA, I’ve been traveling all week. Exhausting! But a much-loved passion, so I’m happy to be exhausted from it. Last weekend was a very good friend’s birthday, and they threw quite the party in his honor. We drove down to Burlington for just that. I love this town, and the people in it just make it extra special. Not only do I get to see some of my best friends from high school, but I’ve made some new friends there who I absolutely adore. Here are some shots from the weekend!

Explore Burlington: Take 1

I finally got those photos Nancy took in Burlington sent to me! I’m excited because this will give you a little bit of a better idea of what we did other than party, which included relaxing on North Beach and walking through Church Street to look at an art gallery and fill our bellies with some good eats. I’ve called this post “Take 1” because I’m heading back this weekend! I’m so excited because it’s a great place, I hope you guys make it someday!

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