FEED that soul shine

(with love & inspiration)

building four winds with my beauty-FULL energy worker, Kevin up in the creek. sending dreams to the world through graffiti. treating myself to blooming tea (and believe me, roses really don’t smell like poo, pooo, poo – though i do love you Outkast!). reading words of inspiration from my beautiful yogi community each day on the chalkboard of LOVE. surrounding myself with friends capable of painting that beautiful all-seeing tree pictured above. exploring the mountains that honor me with their powerful presence each and every day.

the universe constantly sends out love and blessings, but you also must seek them out. don’t expect everything to simply fall in your lap – in order to find the light, you must begin to seek the light. if you listen closely, the universe alwaysresponds to those calls for love. it’s just a matter of hearing which directions it points you in, walking, gliding, or flowing down that path, and trusting in its ability to carry you through.

it’s all inside of you already, you’ve just forgotten. unlearn the linear manifestation, relearn your divine nature. you are the universe; listen to yourSelf, bless yourSelf, love yourSelf. BIG love.

New Toy: Orbit

So here’s the story behind this new toy I’ve recently discovered. One of my neighbors, Carlo, has one. So many people surrounding me have the gift of music to give and frequently do, and one night during an acoustic Phish solo session by Ryan, Carlo brought out his orbit. (That’s the website he bought his from). They’re an inexpensive, endlessly beautiful, easy to use, personal light show. It’s so much fun! Alli loved it so much, she ordered one right away. Obviously, I had to get some pictures…







Do things you love to enrich your life. Create beauty, and be beautiful.


No, although it would be amazing if I made a time machine and used it to experience the three days of peace and music I’m sure you’re thinking of, I did not go to Woodstock (the concert) last week, but to Woodstock, Vermont. One of my oldest friends has a house up there and is living there with his sister for the rest of the summer. Just as I was leaving for New Hampshire that Wednesday morning, my friend called me and asked if I wanted to go visit Dylan in VT for the night, and seeing as I was already heading in that direction, I couldn’t pass up that offer! Their house is unreal, on the top of a hill surrounded by farms. Looking further out on the horizon, all you see is beautiful Vermont mountains. I love Vermont!


hello Alli!


Oasis with Alli

So I didn’t end up going back to Burlington last weekend, but with the spirit of adventure still kicking inside of me, I left on Wednesday to visit Alli in NH and head up north for a hike. Originally, we planned a 4 hour hike, but due to our lack of a sense of direction, inability to believe the GPS, and the need to make it to New London for a delicious, nutritious dinner cooked by Alli’s beautiful friend Gretchen, we ended up hiking for about a total of an hour and a half. It was a perfect hike, nonetheless. We did a loop that ended up being a little under 4 miles, but at the halfway, we discovered an oasis. Rounding a corner, we came upon this beautiful pond:

…and made friends with Keith and Rob! We stayed here for hours, it was so difficult to turn our backs on our sanctuary. However, we had to move on as we had a lot of driving and more adventures ahead!

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Hope you think it’s as beautiful as I do!

P.S. Alli and I didn’t mean to match our clothes!

Castle Hill

Every Thursday night in Ipswich, MA, there is a free concert at Castle Hill on the Cranes Estate. It’s just cover bands, but so many people I know go there every week (along with myself) to get funky. This week was Jimmy Buffet and The Beach Boys, but I forgot to wear my Hawaiian shirt! It’s a beautiful place though, with a beach at other end of the castle, which is where all of these shots are from. Beauty!


all good things


God’s doing a line of the sun

hoops & friends






Burlington: Take 3

I went back to Burly from Monday to Thursday and am headed back in the morning for the night. Whew! Lots of driving! Last time we went, I didn’t take too many pictures because I didn’t realize we were going, so I didn’t have my Nikon D3000 with me. I had a little Canon point and shoot with me, which I love, and it takes fairly good photos but just isn’t as fun to use as the Nikon. Anyway, we spent most of the time listening to tunes on the back porch relaxing. It was so hot out it was hard to move! I spent most of my time in a bikini top and shorts. It was great seeing my friends though, because I’ve been there so many times I’m not just seeing some of my oldest and closest friends now, but new ones I’ve made over my visits! Here are a few shots from Church Street.

favorite! (#9)

clever idea

sounds yummy!

Since the first time I visited Burlington during the summer, I’ve been hearing about Red Rocks. This is a place where you go to cliff jump and is absolutely gorgeous. I wish I could have taken a picture of the view from the water, but in order for that to happen, I’d need to be able to swim with my camera. In any case, I got a few shots of the area and view!

trees ❤

bringing my climbing shoes next time…

little seat 🙂


watch out for that CLIFF!



doesn’t it look like a cave?

Hopefully we make it back there tomorrow!

Let’s Sail the BVIs

From May 25 to June 3 this year, I sailed through the British Virgin Islands with my family. It was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever laid eyes on. Traveling along on the 47 foot catamaran, we exited Tortola and sailed on to Peter Island, Cooper Island, Virgin Gorda, Necker Island, Anegada, Guana Island, finally finishing off in Jost Van Dyke, and returned to Tortola to fly back into Logan Airport. For those of you who want an idea of what that trip looked like, you can trace it out here (hint: start in the middle and move right, then loop back again). I can’t figure out why I haven’t posted about this yet, but I will write more on it soon. For now, I’ll upload some shots before heading off to bed.

first night: hotel room view

Momma taking in the view

So cute!

our boat!

inside, so luxurious!

Captain Maurizio!

Daniel filled our tank

This man’s name is Daniel. He filled our tank with gas before setting out on the trip. We chatted as I sipped on a painkiller and I found out he’s lived on Tortola his whole life. He asked me if I liked it there, and when I replied of course he offered to let me stay with him forever. How sweet an offer, but I had to decline!



On the first day out on the water, we sailed by this storm. I thought it was absolutely beautiful the way it powerfully engulfed half of the mountains on the horizon. Stunning.


Hope you enjoy the view as much as I do!

Loon for a Night

Of course I brought my Nikon on our adventure to Loon! Here are some photos from the joyous twenty-four hours.

Happy (belated) 4th of July!

I hope you all had a great 4th of July, I know I did! During the day, we had breakfast at Black Eyed Susan’s, a tradition we’ve kept for years and one I would highly recommend trying out yourself. Then we walked to Main Street for the 4th of July parade, but sadly, my camera was charging at that time. We spent the rest of the day lounging and exploring the shops until it was time for champagne and fireworks! After the show, we whipped up some margaritas and were off to celebrate. We spent the first part of our night partying with some old friends, then went dancing in town, and finished it off at around 3am with some banana bites from the Easy Street Cantina on the strip before heading home and sleeping for a fews hours. Then we packed up, headed for the ferry, and made the journey home. Whew! What a week! Here are some shots from the 4th:


four eyes


what a great looking family (minus two)

she loves that dog more than anything

fireworks on the roof!