“Reality is a s…

“Reality is a social product arising from interaction, and commuinication extends or limits realities.” Stewart et al.

I love words. I study words, I think in words (some people think in colors, shapes, sounds, tones, etc.), and I always work very hard to find the right word. It’s interesting though, because although we humans think we have defined everything within our symbolic set of languages, I often find myself void of the right words. Hence, language limits my realities in countless ways. Some things simply cannot be expressed with words, and in these instances, I hate them. But without them, there would be extremely limited interaction. I would not be able to tell my friends about the sweet things my boyfriend does , I wouldn’t be able to make my friends feel better when they’re “in a pickle,” I would not be able to say out loud when I love someone. So, yes, I love words, but sometimes their limiting power cannot help but be felt, and in such times, my brain feels like it’s going to explode. Please, if you know other good ways of communicating to each other, comment! Communication is the center of human existence, and the more I can learn about it, the better off I’ll be. 🙂