Oasis with Alli

So I didn’t end up going back to Burlington last weekend, but with the spirit of adventure still kicking inside of me, I left on Wednesday to visit Alli in NH and head up north for a hike. Originally, we planned a 4 hour hike, but due to our lack of a sense of direction, inability to believe the GPS, and the need to make it to New London for a delicious,┬ánutritious┬ádinner cooked by Alli’s beautiful friend Gretchen, we ended up hiking for about a total of an hour and a half. It was a perfect hike, nonetheless. We did a loop that ended up being a little under 4 miles, but at the halfway, we discovered an oasis. Rounding a corner, we came upon this beautiful pond:

…and made friends with Keith and Rob! We stayed here for hours, it was so difficult to turn our backs on our sanctuary. However, we had to move on as we had a lot of driving and more adventures ahead!

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Hope you think it’s as beautiful as I do!

P.S. Alli and I didn’t mean to match our clothes!

Sorry for my Absence

Sorry I was gone all week! I went on a spontaneous trip since Sunday afternoon. In high school, I travelled abroad for two summers, the first to Spain then the second to Italy. Spain was three years ago, and I hadn’t seen my friend from the trip, Jacob, for three years. He was in New Hampshire on Lake Winnipesaukee for the night with 50 or so of his friends renting cottages for a party so I started by driving two hours to join them and see him. It was so great! Not only was seeing him fantastic, but his friends were all so nice and it was such a beautiful spot. That was a blast, then my friend Derek and I hopped back in the car and drove on up to Burlington. As you already have read from me many times, I love Burlington; hopefully I’ll live there for a summer or something along those lines at some point. We went to Red Rocks for my first time cliff jumping. It was a blast! I wish there were places around here where I could go do it all the time. I don’t have too many pictures from this trip, but I’ll post them soon! Night!

Loon for a Night

Of course I brought my Nikon on our adventure to Loon! Here are some photos from the joyous twenty-four hours.

Away for the Day

A bunch of my closest friends from school, surprisingly, live around home. One of my friends, Alli, lives in Manchester, New Hampshire but she just got back on Wednesday from a six week treck through New Zealand. SO jealous! I wish I was the one just returning home from NZ! Anyway, since she just got home, we decided to get together with our friends from Boulder around here for a little reunion. Lucky for us, Nancy was going to her condo at Loon Mountain for the weekend with her boyfriend and invited us to all come join! It was absolutely beautiful up there, a little oasis. Right behind her house was a large river running down from the mountains and in that particular spot, it was a huge, calm pool. The water was so refreshing and the area was stunning. We were so lucky to be able to spend time with our friends up there, relaxing on the water, and listening to oldies. What did you do this weekend?