hello anyone who might happen to see this even though i have not written on here in a while!! i hope you’re all doing well! i send you all my love as well as an invitation to follow my new blog, FLOW en flux. i really do love this old blog, and i will probably even repost some of the quotes and other posts to this new one sporadically, but it’s time to move on. i just graduated college and i want to start a new blog for my new life! it will be very similar to this one, only way better! there will be consistent posting, beautiful photos, and wonderful quotes that hopefully are not just read, but responded to! wisdom is the accumulation of perspectives, and on this new blog i’d love to hear more of yours. please come visit! i promise not to disappoint ūüėČ love and light

“Remember who y…

“Remember who you are,
and what you came to do.
Soak it all in,
whatever you do.”

– Shen

this place we are in is a school of unlearning. you (and i) have been taught you whole life to understand and operate within linear space and time. past, present, and future. these are the spaces which we occupy. BUT if you remember who you are (a light being) and what you came to do (create a more peaceful world & exist in now), you’ll be able to soak everything in in a way that human sense perceptions alone could never imagine. sending BIG love and light to you all.¬†

Love is from th…

Love is from the infinite, and will remain until eternity.
The seeker of love escapes the chains of birth and death.
Tomorrow, when resurrection comes,
The heart that is not in love will fail the test.

– Rumi

falling into love also is falling out of the constrains of physical manifestation. can you dream of it? i can. i do. every day. BIG love.

FEED that soul shine

(with love & inspiration)

building four winds with my beauty-FULL energy worker, Kevin up in the creek. sending dreams to the world through graffiti. treating myself to blooming tea (and believe me, roses really¬†don’t smell like poo, pooo, poo – though i do love you Outkast!). reading words of inspiration from my beautiful yogi community each day on the chalkboard of LOVE. surrounding myself with friends capable of painting that beautiful all-seeing tree pictured above.¬†exploring the mountains that honor me with their powerful presence each and every day.

the universe constantly sends out¬†love and blessings, but you also must seek them out. don’t expect everything to simply fall in your lap – in order to find the light, you must begin to seek the light. if you listen closely, the universe alwaysresponds to those calls for love. it’s just a matter of hearing which directions it points you in, walking, gliding, or flowing down¬†that path, and trusting in its ability to carry you through.

it’s all inside of you already, you’ve just forgotten. unlearn the linear manifestation, relearn your divine nature. you are the universe; listen to yourSelf, bless yourSelf, love yourSelf.¬†BIG love.

death to ego

let me soar

upon the wings of the wind,

to feel what it is to be without a body.

let me dive

below the surface of the sea,

to live inside alluring colors with creatures of the deep.

let me dissolve

into liquid light,

to fill the space between the sound.

have you ever had a spiritual experience in which you occupied a place void of space an time? void of physical manifestation? void of anything that is familiar and “true” or “real” in this perceived reality? that was a disembodiment of the Self, the soul, it was a death of your ego and therefore an awakening to the light inside of you which we refer to vaguely as love. yet, love is only a symbol, a representation of something we can’t quite put into words. love is an experience of Oneness with the universe and everything within. love is when each leaf on the tree is an extension of your fingernails, when each beast is an essential part of your family, when all the stars in the sky are simply an outward projection of what exists inside of you. love is the realization and internalization of the¬†fact¬†that what exists inside of you also exists inside of me.

“It’s not a question of being in Love with someone. It’s a question of being Love.”

– Osho

In the moon of …

In the moon of the budding trees
I was gifted new eyes to see
All of the shifting shape and ways you can be
Wake the dreams into realities
Wake the dreams into realities

Sunset diamonds trickle down our cheeks
The language of no words is how we speak
Pacha Mama spinning firelight
and a Little Bear singing by the fireside
Out of this city with the wind on our neck
That’s us whistling upon your neck
Moonlit diamonds sparkle into my mouth
Feels like hunger and it tastes like salt
Feels like hunger and it tastes like salt

So, tap me out and tap me into you
Heal my brain and my body too
Balance my chemistry hydrate these cells
Cuz the body talks and the meditation helps
The body talks and meditation helps
The body talks and meditation helps

A little bit of cinnamon pours as we snoot
All up on my shit in the morning commute.
Coastal quiver on a quest through the dunes
Sandy toes and bottomless curves of the moon
Heavy lifting for Pele’s children
Hand of the goddess soaking cliffs keep building
Plate is full but appetite has dwindled
I feel a little sick so I keep the fire kindled

You the pillar steadfast light of bravery
And I the dimly burning candle still shaking
Riddled fear quiver my bones so easy!
Well, you’re the guru now so visualize healing
Yeah, you’re the guru now so visualize leaving.

Let her go for she can no longer feed you
And many children need that mana creature
Just barely missed you I was finally ready!
But you are a long gone too much heavy history
Yeah you are a long gone too much heavy history
Let go of blame that shit will never serve me!
Bless other men investigate your mystery

So, tap me out and tap me into you
Heal my brain and my body too
Balance my chemistry hydrate these cells
Cuz the body talks and the meditation helps
The body talks and meditation helps
The body talks and meditation helps

Little spider weaves a wispy web
And stumbling through the woods it catches to my head
She crawls behind my ear and whispers secrets
Dragonfly wiz by and sings now teach it
Yeah, dragonfly wiz by and sings now teach it
Form on the trail I watch you head up mauka
I turn makai and whisper, ¬ďthank you sister¬Ē
Edge of the west where water touches land
You are the east with folded maps in hand
Time to increase my frequency!
Hands of light and bodies talking
Gimme some of that wild fox medicine!
But, keep me here in this wild present tense
Fully supported on new lovers chest
Dawning adventures sparkle get some rest!
Dawning adventures sparkle get some rest!

So, tap me out and tap me into you
Heal my brain and my body too
Balance my chemistry hydrate these cells
Cuz the body talks and the meditation helps
The body talks and meditation helps
The body talks and meditation helps

– Nahko and Medicine for the People

tell me what this tells YOU! big love.

toilets telling stories


hey all! today i’m sharing with you an article written by one of the most powerful, inspiring, wise women i know, Alli Sarazen (featured previously here). she just spent four months traveling through Nepal and India while studying abroad, and wrote this powerful piece about toilets and their metaphorical representation of the world’s current state. please, READ it. not only would she love to see more people reading it, but it is truly an inspiring piece and will probably teach you something – maybe just that you want to clean your toilet, but hey, you’re still impacting YOUR world when you do that. share it with the people you love, share it with the people you hate, share it with all those in between for this article can EFFECT POSITIVE CHANGE, and after all, that’s what we’re here for, isn’t it? let me know what you think of it in the comments! she’d love to hear some feedback as she continues to write for them. BIG love.

f(EYE)nd INSPIRation EVERYwhere. ‚̧

“We are not ens…

“We are not enslaved by our lives, we are free. Being free, in this case, means simply that we have a body and a mind, and we can uplift ourselves in order to work with reality in a dignified and humorous way. If we begin to perk up, we will find that the whole universe–including the seasons, the snowfall, the ice, and the mud–is also powerfully working with us.”

– Chogyam Trungpa