Flow: to move along in a stream, to circulate; continuous progression.

There are many reasons hoopers are said to have “flow,” the above dictionary definitions included. However, one of the biggest parts of flow to us includes being one with the universe. Everything that exists was created from the same original piece of energy, and explosions and friction created matter. This means we were all born of the same substance, at the same time, in the same place; so were our hoops. Becoming one with the universe will allow for a more open mind that is able to accept the hoop as a part of the body. Once you reach this point, there are hardly limitations to what you and your hoop can create together.

Hula Hooping

Everyone should try hula hooping. ┬áIt doesn’t matter if you can do it or not, it will still put a smile in your face. In fact, if you bring a hoop with you somewhere, not only will you find joy out of it, but so will everyone else present. I’m just beginning to learn, but I will certainly keep you all posted on how it’s going. Right now, I’ve got about three or so moves down. If you want to watch someone who’s really good at it though, check out this video I made of one of my closest friends, Alli.