Oasis with Alli

So I didn’t end up going back to Burlington last weekend, but with the spirit of adventure still kicking inside of me, I left on Wednesday to visit Alli in NH and head up north for a hike. Originally, we planned a 4 hour hike, but due to our lack of a sense of direction, inability to believe the GPS, and the need to make it to New London for a delicious,¬†nutritious¬†dinner cooked by Alli’s beautiful friend Gretchen, we ended up hiking for about a total of an hour and a half. It was a perfect hike, nonetheless. We did a loop that ended up being a little under 4 miles, but at the halfway, we discovered an oasis. Rounding a corner, we came upon this beautiful pond:

…and made friends with Keith and Rob! We stayed here for hours, it was so difficult to turn our backs on our sanctuary. However, we had to move on as we had a lot of driving and more adventures ahead!

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Hope you think it’s as beautiful as I do!

P.S. Alli and I didn’t mean to match our clothes!

Sea Kayaking Exploration

My friend Marissa lives on a cliff on the ocean (I know, not a bad life…). Have you ever seen the movie¬†The Proposal? Well, it wasn’t filmed in Alaska, but at her neighbor’s house in Manchester, MA. That should give you an idea. Anyway, we like to go on all sorts of outdoor adventures around the North Shore, and this time we acquired some sea kayaks and went kayaking around the small islands just off shore. Here are a few shots from Sunday night!

man overboard! helping Marissa bail about 10 gallons of water with 2 Nalgenes…

we made it!

finish it off with a quick paddle battle