My Latest Creation

I made a friend this semester named Alli Sarazen. She is absolutely amazing, I’ve literally always wanted a friend like her. Her last name includes the word “zen,” and it’s perfectly fitting. Lots of our friends refer to her as our “spirit friend” because she is such a hippy, always talking about how our chakra energies interact and asking what everyone’s sign is. One of her many diverse hobbies is hula hooping; she dances with the hoops and performs with bands on Pearl Street in downtown Boulder. This video is my latest iMovie creation, starring the beautiful Alli.


When life gives you lemons…

Throw those damn lemons right back. I’ve realized recently that for some reason, many people believe that you just need to take what/who life hands you, accept it, and make the best out of it. This is not the case. When life hands you a lemon, make the choice to get that lemon out of your life. You have complete control over your own attitudes and actions, so why adopt an attitude in which your actions consist of perpetuating negatives in your life? If there’s a “friend” who is actually very inconsiderate, don’t be friends with them. If you got a D on your last international affairs test, don’t think that’s the only thing you can get in the future, study harder. If you hate your job, work harder and move up the ranks (or quit altogether and find something that you love). You have control over what is and what is not a part of your life, so don’t just accept what is handed to you unless it’s something you truly desire to keep in your life. Do something about it.

Don’t Trip, Those are the Gods’ Rocks

We’re here to live our lives to the fullest from our own individual perspectives. We all deserve to be happy, everyone is born into this world a human, equal to the next. You need to do things to make yourself happy in life (fun fact-spinning increases serotonin levels!) every single day. Even if it’s just spinning for a few seconds ;). I made this of one of my happiest days to date. A beautiful adventure with my ladies to Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, CO.