MM Local


I just got a new job! Officially my first “real world” job, I am now a sales ambassador for MM Local, a company based in Boulder, CO that buys local, organic produce from farmers along the Front Range, cans it with minimal additives, and sells it all year round. Essentially, their mission is to become the leading national brand for authentic local food and inspire other communities to adopt the same values. I’m very excited about this job, as I will be doing demos at places like Whole Foods Market and get to spend days at farmer’s markets when they open back up for the summer!

mm local jars

I’m really excited about this job for a number of reasons. First and foremost, I think one of the most accessible ways to help not only our planet, but ourselves, is localizing food production and consumption. This would significantly reduce the use of fossil fuels at multiple levels, including those of production and transportation of goods. It would also cut the majority of processed foods out of our diets because we would be eating fresh, whole foods rather than packaged foods high in sodium and saturated fats. This is what I hope to teach people in my life, and I want to help our global society move towards sustainability, which starts at the local level. On top of that, I get free samples to eat! I just got jars of pickled beets, curried beets, tomatoes with rosemary, two different types of applesauce, and our mild pepper blend. I’m starting to cook with them and learn which ingredients go well with other things, which is not only fun for me but will help me with my job when I get questions about how to use the ingredients! I’ll keep you guys posted on the recipes I find and come up with. Wish me luck!

Moving in is Exhausting

First of all, my current lack of posting is due to the fact that I do not yet have internet. Fingers crossed we get it today! Being back in Boulder is better than ever. I’m so, so happy to see everyone and be back, not to mention I get to live in my own house with six roommates which is pretty damn awesome because I’m no longer on campus being supervised constantly or in the dorms. I have so much more stuff I need to get still though, which is taking longer than I thought and is so tiring. Once I begin taking some photos I’ll be sure to put up some of the house, and my neighbors’ houses, too! I’m surrounded by all of my closest friends in Boulder, everyone living within about a five block radius. I have a lot of things to get done over the course of the day, and I’m sure I’m going to need a long nap by the end of it. 

Boulder Tomorrow!

I can’t wait anymore! I’m so excited to be in Boulder and back with all of my friends, it’s almost torture at this point! My flight leaves tomorrow at 8:15 am and I’m so stoked. My cousin is picking me up from the airport and I can’t wait to see him. He’s my year and goes to school with me at Boulder which is great having him out there. I’m arriving at my house around 12:00 pm and I cannot wait to meet all of my roommates and unpack all of my things and set up my bedroom.

P.S. I haven’t had much time for this lately because I’ve been packing and organizing, but as soon as I’m all moved in regular posting will return!

Settler’s Park

Settler’s Park is a beautiful park to hike through in the Rockies in Boulder. It’s one of my favorite areas of the whole city because it’s a short bike ride away and and can be either a short, relaxing hike or an extensive one. On this day we chose the former and just hiked to a spot where we could climb on these rock figures: