hello anyone who might happen to see this even though i have not written on here in a while!! i hope you’re all doing well! i send you all my love as well as an invitation to follow my new blog, FLOW en flux. i really do love this old blog, and i will probably even repost some of the quotes and other posts to this new one sporadically, but it’s time to move on. i just graduated college and i want to start a new blog for my new life! it will be very similar to this one, only way better! there will be consistent posting, beautiful photos, and wonderful quotes that hopefully are not just read, but responded to! wisdom is the accumulation of perspectives, and on this new blog i’d love to hear more of yours. please come visit! i promise not to disappoint šŸ˜‰ love and light

“Remember who y…

“Remember who you are,
and what you came to do.
Soak it all in,
whatever you do.”

– Shen

this place we are in is a school of unlearning. you (and i) have been taught you whole life to understand and operate within linear space and time. past, present, and future. these are the spaces which we occupy. BUT if you remember who you are (a light being) and what you came to do (create a more peaceful world & exist in now), you’ll be able to soak everything in in a way that human sense perceptions alone could never imagine. sending BIG love and light to you all.Ā 

Love is from th…

Love is from the infinite, and will remain until eternity.
The seeker of love escapes the chains of birth and death.
Tomorrow, when resurrection comes,
The heart that is not in love will fail the test.

– Rumi

falling into loveĀ also is falling out of the constrains of physical manifestation. can you dream of it? i can. i do. every day. BIG love.


I’m picturing in my head an old brass balance with an ability to measureĀ intangible costs and benefits.

Brass Scales Of Justice Off Balance, Symbolizing Injustice, Over White

What are these costs and benefits I’m weighing out on my imaginary scale? Let me attempt to explain:

This morning while walking to class, I had to be brisk as I was running a little late from not giving myself enough time to cook and eat breakfastĀ andĀ pack a lunch, as I am on campus all day on Wednesdays. Now, I could have easily been on time had my lunch just been some granola bars and easily transportable fruit, such as bananas and apples. Instead, I chose to spend 20 minutes or so chopping up vegetables and fruits and making sure I had my vitamins and minerals alongside of some protein (today, black bean dip and almonds). While walking to class, I got to thinking why I chose to do this rather than save time, and why most other people today decide to save time rather than preparing a fresh meal of whole foods. It seems to me that our society has become extremely used to the idea of food being fuel only, rather than also using it to create the beautiful meals possible through utilization of fresh ingredients. For many people of today in the U.S., getting food quickly is more important than taking the time to use fresh ingredients and working to make sure all of their nutrients are ingested through something they themselves created. For me, this is not the case. I think waking up a little earlier or taking a little more time the night before to prepare well balanced meals made with whole foods is completely worth the little extra time it costs me. So, ask yourself, is saving a little time worth omitting the best possible options for your body’s health?

sorry for my absence…

I know there aren’t too many of you out there who actually pay attention to this, but nonetheless, to those who do, I’m sorry for my hiatus. To tell the truth, the beginning of the year was really overwhelming and I was planning on just taking a short break, until I realized I forgot about it. I’m back, though, and have a lot more to say now! Keep reading, and if you never did, maybe you should start! šŸ˜‰Ā 

Moving in is Exhausting

First of all, my current lack of posting is due to the fact that I do not yet have internet. Fingers crossed we get it today! Being back in Boulder is better than ever. I’m so, so happy to see everyone and be back, not to mention I get to live in my own house with six roommates which is pretty damn awesome because I’m no longer on campus being supervised constantly or in the dorms. I have so much more stuff I need to get still though, which is taking longer than I thought and is so tiring. Once I begin taking some photos I’ll be sure to put up some of the house, and my neighbors’ houses, too! I’m surrounded by all of my closest friends in Boulder, everyone living within about a five block radius. I have a lot of things to get done over the course of the day, and I’m sure I’m going to need a long nap by the end of it.Ā