Make it What You Want: Tomato Soup

Living in my own house has given me so many opportunities to become more creative in my culinary endeavors. Although I eat out probably about five times a week, I cook quite often and really enjoy it. I don’t always have all the ingredients I need to make specific recipes, so I often just look at what I have in my pantry and mix things together that sound good to me. Today, I really needed to use up some lentils I cooked last week, so here’s what I came up with!


  • 1 can Campbell’s Tomato Soup
  • approx. 1 C cooked lentils
  • garlic
  • olive oil
  • ~ 1 handful of spinach
  • 1 C diced tomatoes


Make tomato soup according to the directions on the can. Pour in cooked lentils. Set to side. In a pan, pour a little olive oil and add crushed garlic (~ 1/4-1/2 clove, depending on personal preference). Add diced tomatoes to pan and sauté for a few minutes until almost cooked to desired softness. Add spinach to the pan and sauté until just wilted. If there is a lot of olive oil in the pan, drain out. Otherwise, add everything in the pan to the tomato soup. Heat again to desired hotness and enjoy!

As you can see, I used the soup as a base and added ingredients I already had. You can do this with anything, though! I was thinking next time I might add garbanzo beans, tomatoes, and broccoli (and maybe cheese?); or maybe even a little chili powder, some black beans, and corn! The possibilities are endless, comment with your brilliant ideas! 🙂

P.S. It’s always yummy and even more wholesome to crush up some whole grain crackers on top. 😉

27 Days, 27 Photos

I don’t know about you all, but I love throw away cameras. Stumbling around the internet for inspiration, I came upon something that talked of a great project: for 30 days, take one picture each day. What a great way to create a photo book, am I right?! Instead of doing 30 days, though, I’ve decided to modify it and use a throw away camera that I have to take 27 photos in 27 days. Today will be my first day, I’m very excited to see what the day brings!

Apple Toast

This morning I had the most delicious breakfast! Inspired by a delicious fruit salad sauce that my lovely friend Alli taught me, I made this!


  • oat nut bread
  • agave nectar
  • cinnamon sugar
  • apples

Sprinkle cinnamon sugar onto your bread. Slice apple thinly and cover toast. Drizzle agave nectar onto the top of the apples and toast until it looks perfect to you. Take out, drench in more nectar, and enjoy! Mmmm…

So easy.