Elephants are my favorite animals. They are an extremely intelligent species whose women live in packs all together while the men live primarily solitary lives. The women are extremely maternal towards their young and often are on the outside of the packs while the babies are in between all of them. An old female, the matriarch, leads the packs that can consist of anywhere from 5 to 1,000 members. Besides the noises audible to human ears, elephants also communicate using infrasounds. After their 60-80 year life, they are one of the only species besides humans that hold a ceremony for their dead. This often consists of placing the deceased in a shallow grave and covering him/her with dirt, leaves, and branches. They are known to stay at theseĀ grave sitesĀ for a few days before moving on, both literally and figuratively. How can you not love and respect this intelligent and compassionate beast?


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