DIY: Earring Holder

I have a LOT of jewelry, which means I’ve got more than a few earrings as well. I live in MA, but I go to the University of Colorado at Boulder, so a lot of my stuff is in storage out there, including my earring holder. (I got mine here, it’s very similar to this, but I also love this one.) Upon arriving home though, I made a huge mess on my sink because my earrings were scattered about the whole thing. I realized I needed a solution, but I didn’t want to spend any money. This easy DIY earring holder was the perfect answer! I found this great tutorial while Stumbling that day and realized this would be my simple, homemade solution that wouldn’t cost me a dime! I live by the ocean, and my family and I love collecting shells, so I have about a thousand shells downstairs and decided to do my own beachy variation. Here are some pics!

a box of our shells

my “sand”

the finished product!

I even made these three pairs myself!

Everything that I used for this project was lying around the house. The frame was an old one that I found in the basement (although it happened to be made of oak and if I hadn’t already decorating the frame prior to installing the wires, I would have chosen one of softer wood.) I used an old bucket of paint that was the original color of my bathroom; I didn’t do an extra coat because I liked the worn-out vintage feel that only a single coat gave the frame. The Martha Stewart glass beads are something I have in five or six different colors that I bought a while ago to use on projects. We didn’t find the starfish on the beach, those I bought at A.C. Moore about a year ago to use on projects. So I guess, technically, I spent a few dollars on this project, but I don’t count it because I bought those things a while ago! 😉


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